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The Public Square Academy (PSA) promotes a robust democracy by helping individuals become better all-around citizens. We offer partners a turnkey program that delivers revenue and membership development solutions using hi-impact education and communication models. We promote a small group model with interactive programs to advance our participant’s skills, knowledge, and perspectives. We seek partner organizations and subject matter experts for program design, delivery, and collaborative marketing.

Develop engaged brand champions. Amplify your message. Advance your mission.

Join us in building the Public Square Academy!

We offer education programs and communities for those wanting to become their best selves personally, economically, and civically. To get there, we build collaborative relationships with partners with expertise in the domains in our scope (see our About page). We’re a ‘two-sided market:’ Partner to Partnering , program design, and delivery, and shared resources/marketing in serving our members.

Together, we offer programs to our members. The scope of our challenge calls for a team effort. You know, kind of like in a democracy, right? So, we will do what we do well: set, grow, and hold the vision; develop the organization in collaboration with our stakeholders; coordinate and communicate with our partners and members to raise the level of our democracy; and manage the program catalog and schedule (there’s probably more, right?).

Partnership Foundations

A shared mission is at the root of this program.
Please review our About page, and let’s ensure we are in alignment when we meet.

​We think these are ideas worth discussing:

Education as Membership Development

Your supporters care about your mission. Let’s use education as a membership development tool with courses, workshops, and communities. With passionate and informed members, you have a pool of Champions to provide feedback and spread your message.

Expand Perspectives

Our foundational value is in helping our members, and thus our communities, grow their perspectives. Current educational models are good at knowledge transfer and skills building. Through interactive education and storytelling strategies, we create a greater impact.

Better Together

We increase our collective impact by aggregating specific organizations and SMEs to serve our common audiences. Imagine the synergies. We are better together. Think of our programs as a catered feast, not a cafeteria line.

Here are ideas for establishing our relationship:

What We Bring

What You Bring

Guiding vision, and organizational management, performed democratically.

Established expertise and passion for your focus areas.

Educational and community program design and delivery expertise. We can guide you or build programs for you.

A desire to grow your revenue, your membership, brand champions, and your reputation.

Collaborative marketing strategies and tactics to amplify our impact.

Ongoing Mentor/Teacher support in a professional development community.

Established membership interested in more involvement in your programs and the broader areas offered in the Academy.

Hi–Touch Customer Support and Service. Let’s build a word-of-mouth reputation; it’s worth the investment.

Organizational support to help the Academy grow.

A commitment to quality service, continuous improvement, and healthy relationships with our partners and constituents.

Here’s the Journey:

Initial Contact and Validation

First things first. Are we a good fit at the mission level? Please review our About page and if it seems we are a good fit, let’s have a conversation.

Common Interests

Do we share a common audience and goals? Are educational programs and communities a path forward you would consider?

Align Talents and Resources

Do we have complimentary skill sets and resources? Are you comfortable with resource sharing and collaborative marketing? Does it appear we will work well together?

Make a Plan

Then, let’s sketch out a project plan and schedule. We’ve got guidance and the tools to facilitate this step.

Formalize an Agreement

With both organizations in support of the plan, we’ll enter into a formal agreement. We don’t dictate terms, we negotiate them.

Execute Focus, flexibility, communication… Boo Yah!

Focus, flexibility, communication… Boo Yah!

Get in touch to start our journey!

Inspired to submit a program proposal? Do so here:

Interactive Program Design and Delivery

Our flagship workshop helps you develop and deliver programs using our small-group interactive model.
The eight-week course includes self-directed materials and weekly video meetings.

Ongoing support is provided in the Instructional Artists Collective.

Interactive Program Design and Delivery Workshop

Interactive Program Design and Delivery (IPD) is our core program for instructional designers, educators, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who want to convert or design courses, workshops, events, and hosted groups. Participants also develop a marketing strategy and assessment plans.

What the experts say:

This is a fabulous resource for those who are interested in implementing social and democratic learning in local or online groups.

Beth Macy, Ph, D.

Organizational development consultant and author

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